Our Dealership in Greenwood Village

We are not just a used car dealership at Greenwood Automotive. We are a concierge service. That means we will cater to your automotive needs and help you find the ideal vehicle right here in Greenwood Village. Whether you are looking for a luxury German car or even a premium American car, we have what you need. Our inventory also includes classic cars, tough trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and more.

Located right here in Greenwood Village, Colorado, we can proudly serve the needs of Denver and all the surrounding areas. If you live in Eastern Colorado, and you are looking for the perfect car, truck, or SUV, then let the Greenwood Automotive team help you find it right here in Greenwood Village.

Greenwood Automotive

What our clients are saying:

These guys are absolutely awesome. Not only did they let us drive the car for over 3 hours so that we could be really sure we were comfortable with it, they dropped the price slightly to better fit within my budget and I didn't even have to twist his arm...he was so chill it was really surprising. They don't have that 'used car salesman' vibe; just super nice, super ... chill guys that want to sell you the right car. I had the worst feeling about dealers since buying a car from one back in '97 (5 hrs of 'let me talk to my mgr') and swore I'd NEVER go back to a dealer but this was by far the best car buying experience ever, bar none. As soon as I get my RAV paid for, we're getting another car for my husband and I will definitely call these guys. If they don't have the car he wants, we'll wait until they do. Can't recommend them more highly.

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